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Life is a Beach: a guest post by Ian Wells

Life is a Beach

Have you heard the saying, Life is a beach?
Have you ever strolled along a sandy shore?
Scrunching wet sand deliciously between your toes?

I have

I’ve watched the spray fly,
heard the waves pound
marvelled at dolphins dancing
enjoyed the birds’ aerobatic antics.

I’ve felt the sting of the hot sun on my flesh
while breathing in the tang of sweet salty air.
I’ve licked briny beads from my lips and tasted the sea.
I’ve walked with a well-loved someone, warmed inside and out,
talking and smiling and caring,

touching and laughing in the sun,
sharing our past, our present and our future.

Born and raised by the beach, I left for a while,

but the beach’s lure meant I just HAD to return.

Live well, laugh and love the beach, I cry.
I think I’ll always be passionate about my life…

and I’ll be so with a very special place in mind.

Life IS a beach!

© Ian Wells



  1. Anne Skyvington

    I like the sincerity, honesty and spiritual feeling inherent in this poem, Ian. Thanks.

  2. Burle Summers

    Thank for that Anne. Kay and I loved all our many walks on the beaches of Australia. They evoked a sense of calm and perspective that was satisfying and renewing. Your poem brought it all back. Thank you. Kay and Burle.

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