I recently attended a seminar on Publishing at the NSW Writers Centre entitled “Open Access”. The main message I came away with was: “You must be an author entrepreneur. You need to take part in marketing your own books before, during and after publication.” In attendance were 1) digital experts, 2) publishing representatives, 3) bookshop owners, 4) editors and 5) writers.

Anna Maguire talked about the ingredients for success: Content, Cover, Connections, Metadata and Marketing.

Cate Blake: Penguin Books Australia: “The long tail”: Print, Radio, Online, campaign,

Alice Grundy: Giramondo: Quality, Enthusiasm, Commitment.

Adam Van Rooijhan: Harlequin: Finding your audience.

Megan O’Brien discussed who and what to talk to/about in a bookshop.

Robert Watkins: Commissioning Editor for Hachette talked about the 7 stages in supporting an author.

Diane Blackloch was in the right place at the right time and started with 3 friends and an electronic newsletter.

Anita Heiss (Dr) Political activist and writer: 2008 Apology in Canberra:  Describes herself ironically as “the Australian Oprah”and is a long-term blogger and twitter adept.

Dionne Lister, self publisher, developed a community of authors.

Elisabeth Storrs described herself as a hybrid and “twitterer on steroids”: self publisher/taken up by a US publisher.

Bruce McCabe: The Reader is Key: Find your readers!

Darrell Pitt: Text Publishing: “The riches are in the niches”: Have a series of books ready to go!

 See my next post on Strategies for self promoting.