WE ARE  indeed NOT ALONE on this earth that we call home!

I joined WANA tribe, after having read a book entitled: Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital World by American writer and blogger, Kristen Lamb. I’d recommend it to anyone trying to understand the world of social media and blogging. It’s a first step into learning how to increase traffic to your site.

The online Book on Social Media and Blogging that led me to better my social media skills and improve my blogging:


Kristen says in explaining the concept of WANA tribe:

WANA stands for We Are Not Alone, and began as the title of my #1 best-selling social media book. I named the book, We Are Not Alone—The Writers’ Guide to Social Media, because I saw that social media was a game-changer for creative professionals, if only they could let loose of fear and understand that we don’t have to change our personalities to be successful. Social media isn’t about spamming people for free on ten different sites; it is about community and connection.

WANA Tribe is a place where creative people can be themselves and connect with other artists. Form critique groups, discussions, post your art, network, or just sit back and be inspired. No matter where you turn on WANA Tribe you will find passion and imagination and people who understand you. Why? Because they are just like you.

We Are Not Alone! Wanna join?

This book helped me understand and start to use  social media a lot better. We writers are often technically challenged, so thanks must go to Kristen.  Actually, I need lots more help in  reality…

Trying to set up a self-hosted website nearly made me consider giving up entirely, but I’m proud to say I didn’t, and I achieved my goal, after a lot of time spent asking for help. I’m still struggling with being able to use Hootsuite, but am determined to get there.

Will my next goal be to learn coding? Who knows?

 By the way, there are a lot of great helpers out there on the wide world web, if you are only willing to take the time to learn and to ask for help. I found great helpers on my hosting site, BlueHost — particularly kind and patient with me, and the man who developed the business theme I chose (Generate Press) found nothing too much bother, and even came on board my site to help me with some issues I couldn’t solve.
It was a little cold out there for I still had trouble synthesising the two sites.
Thanks for bearing with me everyone, especially wordpress helpers!
Now I’ve moved on once again, and am employing a digital mentor come marketing expert, Gina Digital, in my own country, who has gone on to greater things. She assisted me in getting ahead with this conundrum that is the www and blogging. Then I would be on my own once again for a long while… until????