We’re coming into summer here Down Under, while you in the northern hemisphere head towards winter.

seagulls-in-flightI have decided, paradoxically, to go into blogging hibernation now, while the outdoors activities in this part of the world, beckon me to join in. At the same time,  I wish to concentrate on finishing two novels that I started on some time ago. And I find that it is difficult focusing on any other form of writing while I do so.

Many thanks to all the friends I’ve met online. Happy end-of-fall and lovely wintry Christmas tidings as they come.

Please keep in touch, if you wish, on my self-hosted blog. Also, please refer to my post here, about why and how I started it:

If it makes you feel any better, we’ll be going into winter here, in May 2017,  as you go into summer in the northern hemisphere. Good luck!