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A Change of Blog Title

The Craft of Writing

Please note that I have recently changed the description of my blog to “The Craft of Writing”, which correlates with the main goal of my website.  I thank my kindly blogging expert, Gina for this suggestion. I admit that I am no expert when it comes to technology, and I shall be requiring assistance from my mentor next year to make my design and posts even better. Please bear with me, as I learn how to manage technological issues and practise how to use my new-found skills.I have been blogging since  2008,  first with Blogger, and then using the WordPress platform.

Recently, I decided to renounce the “Write4Publish” tagline, even though my blogs have been associated with this moniker from the beginning, and it was useful for depicting my goal of practising and showcasing my fictional and fictionalised memoir writing. But now it is time to move on…

I have found the SEO (search engine optimisation) and other plugins very useful on the site. However, I haven’t always been able to advance my skills by joining forums and learning about layout features and design. It is important to know when to ask for help.

Writing, for me, is like weaving, only with words, and with a dash of nature, rhythm, passion and conflict thrown into the mix.



  1. Ian Wells

    Good luck with your venture. I always get something from your writings and am often well entertained if not captivated. Rock on.

    • Anne Skyvington

      Thanks friend! I can always depend on you to give positive feedback. We writers really need it, don’t we?

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